• A few (thousand) singles...

    It was probably a joke, when the guys at United Sound suggested I go to a recording studio I'd never heard of to look for a job after my first year in college, a music major, as these same engineers had advised. I think the record company liked my naivety, along with the music major and my obvious passion for the work...

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    Motown Singles Hit Maker


  • Albums rock on...

    When it became obvious Motown was leaving Detroit, I chose to pick up and move to San Francisco instead of following everybody to LA. I had become interested in recording rock bands beginning with Motownís Rare Earth and this was followed by work in Detroit with a veritable Whose Who of the leading British rock producers from the 1960s...

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    Albums & More


  • The digital era...

    I began working with digital audio around 1991 after a bad mastering experience. I was determined to make CDs that sounded great and fortunately my clients along with several audiophile publications feel that Iíve succeeded...

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    Digital Revolution


  • Film, Video, Multimedia: a natural progression...

    I soon found myself tapped to help with the introduction of digital editing for motion picture post production and surround sound. I brought Andy Wiskes, an Academy Award winning sound designer up to speed and the two of us introduced the gang at Skywalker Ranch to Digidesign...

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    Film, Video, Multimedia


  • Recovering the past.

    When you make successful records, itís nice to have reissues reflect the care and sweat that went into the original recording. Iíve done a fair amount of remastering at this point in my career and try to bring the spirit of the original into every project I touch.

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    reissues reflect the care and sweat that went into the original recording

    What's Old Is New Again

Because one size NEVER really fits all...

Releasing a music recording has always been a lot like threading a needle. It must musically involve everybody who is in a position to either add it to their review, to their playlist, to their browser bin or to their personal collection, that most important "add" of them all!

All of the hype in the world means nothing when it finally comes down to somebody making a critical decision about what they are about to do with a recording based upon what they hear!

Producers have never before had to address today’s variety of audio formats and listening environments. Every new recording must kick ass in mono, stereo, 5.1, CD, DVD, SACD, analog cassette, vinyl, streaming RealAudio, MP3 and at least a half dozen other formats. And this is not to mention its critical need to sound great when it's being broadcast on MTV, VH1, AAC, CHR or ANY time an exposure opportunity presents its self.

In addition to format issues, a recording must touch the person listening to net radio with their 2” computer speaker, those dancing to a massive sound system in a club, someone in a hurry at Border’s listening on headphones and those seeking to impress their friends and neighbors with a home theater or car setup having a response from DC to light!

It’s not overstating the case to suggest that success in today’s musical world requires one tall order of audio services! For this reason, an entirely new paradigm of recording, mixing, mastering and archiving has begun to emerge.

Contemporary recording faces the seemingly impossible challenge of preparing today’s square pegs to fit seamlessly into the round holes that will define tomorrow’s opportunities. Recording, mixing and mastering activities must be governed by an approach that will maximize success in the unknown formats of the future.

Recording for tomorrow’s market, a new approach
Mixing for tomorrow’s market, a new approach
Mastering for tomorrow’s market, a new approach

Bob Olhsson Audio
P.O. Box 90412 Nashville, TN 37209

Grammy Hall of Fame


    Inducted 1999
    Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell
    (Tamla, 1967) R&B

    Inducted 1998
    Marvin Gaye
    (Tamla, 1968) R&B

    Inducted 1999
    The Temptations
    (Gordy, 1972) R&B


  • WHAT'S GOING ON (Album)
    Inducted 1998
    Marvin Gaye
    (Tamla, 1971) R&B

On The Record Industry

  • No Perceived Value?

    The most basic problem is that background music has no inherent perceived value. Listening to the radio is not the same thing as listening to a record once was. The i-pod is rapidly replacing the radio for background music but there remains a giant void in the place that the LP once occupied.

  • Worth The Shelf Space

    The record stores demand a $15 or $20 product in order for it to be worth the shelf space. more